The upgrade that most homebuyers take notice on is plantation shutters. The panels can be opened to give maintenance to your windows. The louvers can be adjusted as needed to let in light, heat or cold, or to keep them out. This will help reduce your energy bills. Shutters add privacy in any area. For this reason, homeowners install plantation shutters in large windows, over bathtubs or bedrooms. Shutters enhance the beauty of any architectural design.

Our shutters are always popular due to effective insulation, ability to regulate and block light and remarkable good looks. They are also durable and resist warping, shrinkage, and moisture absorption. Our shutters are crafted from select basswood using durable materials and are beautifully finished with quality paints and fine furniture stains and lacquers.

Once you've added indoor shutters from Los Portales Plantation Shutters, just stand back and admire them, both from within your home and from the curb side.



Dallas / Fort Worth

Javier Chaparro:
phone: (214) 336 3879

El Paso TX /
Las Cruces NM

Oscar Chaparro:
phone: (915) 922 0294

Jesus Chaparro
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Color Visualizer Tool

We proudly use Sherwin-Williams© paintings. To choose a color visit their Color Visualizer Tool.

How It Works

1. We measure your windows for the perfect fit at no cost.
2. We make the shutters to your specific design and color.
3. We deliver and install the shutters in your home in less than six weeks.

All for one price. No middlemen involved.